From The Owner:

My name is Jamaane and I grew up in Lincoln,NE. I played basketball at North Star high school and I graduated in 2011. I also played a little bit of college basketball at York College.

I decided to start GMH because I was frustrated with the lack of guidance and proper teaching in the basketball world so I decided to do something about it.

I have been obsessed with basketball my whole life and before I started teaching the youth I taught a couple professional basketball players when I was in college (Dylan Brewer, Myke Tzul. They were both already great but they trusted my advice before they went pro and that's when I knew I was on to something great.

My goal is help kids from Nebraska get the guidance I was looking for as a kid. A lot of kids in Lincoln are treated unfairly at the high school level and I'm going to change that. Not only will I do that but I will also impact the entire globe. Basketball is just an excuse for me to help the world because through basketball I am able to make connections which allow me to teach other things about life in general.

My experience included teaching multiple YMCA camps for 3 years. Leading basketball clubs at Belmont Rec Center & F Street Community Center. I helped coach different middle school & elementary club teams for boys & girls. I have also trained various high school players around Lincoln for the past few years. Once I learn how the AAU circuit works I will have a team that travels in the near future.

-MAY 2022