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The main focus we have in group workouts are gaining confidence, increasing basketball IQ, creativity, fundamentals, footwork, and shooting ability.

If a players has these things they will be able to adapt and be successful for any team they play for.


- One 60 Minute Workout Per Week

- Personalized Drills To Do At Home

- 1 Game Filmed Per Month (If Possible)

- Academy T-Shirt

- Free Shooting Book


*as of May 5, 2023

Ages Allowed: 13 & Up COED

Location: Belmont Rec Center - Lincoln, NE

When: Mondays 5:30pm to 6:30pm 

Cost: $125 Per Month

READ: Time, Location & Days are subject to change due to gym availability. You will be notified ASAP.


Gaining Confidence

We believe a person will never achieve what they want to do in life if they do not have confidence first and foremost.


The way we teach confidence is to first learn what players are uncomfortable with on the court. We then give actionable steps for them to take to gain that confidence on their own and we also give players mindset tips on how to change

their perception of who they are.


Most people live their life based on how they see themselves. If they see themselves as capable they will become that over time. That is our number one objective for players at our academy. Without confidence they will not be able to execute anything we teach them.

Basketball IQ

No matter how skilled a player is, if they are not smart enough to make a good decision it will be very hard for a coach to put them in the game. 

We focus on drills that help players learn what a good decision is and how to make a good decision in different scenarios that happen in basketball. 

This is why we film games for them because if they watch themselves play they can see what options are available and then they will know what decisions they can make which makes them a smarter player.


Over 50% of things that happen in a basketball game are unorganized. Creative players excel in these situations because they can make sense out of the chaos.

We focus on helping players understand what they're capable of and how many options are available at any time instead of keeping them in a box and telling them there's only one way to do things. 

Even though our academy is very disciplined, we do this to give them a sense of freedom and joy because basketball is a game that's supposed to be fun for players.

Fundamentals, Footwork & Shooting

These three things are the most important skills in basketball. Fundamentals make sure players have the right skills to make any play needed on the basketball court with the right technique.

Footwork allows players to do any move to create space and options. It also helps them make sure they don't get stuck holding the ball with nothing to do.

Shooting is the #1 skill that allows players to get minutes on the court for any team. We spend a minimum of 30 minutes every session on shooting because it's that important.



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