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From Coach JJ:

The last 10 years I have helped 100's of players from all levels get better at shooting and the results have shown in games.

There have been students show to get results in 1 month and some take longer than that. It all depends on their current skill level.

I take an individualistic approach to each player's shot with an understanding that no two players shoot exactly the same.

I've helped kids go from bad form who couldn't make any shots to being able to make threes in the games with confidence. 

I give them homework to do on their own so when we meet again we will be able to continue to the next stage. I let every player and parent know that the process takes a while and that they will not get better if they don't do the individualized shooting workouts that I give them on their own between sessions.

I show them how to practice and get better on their own so if I for some reason can't coach them at some point in life they will be able to continue making progress and become great without needing me.

This is something I can do online or I can do it in person if you're local in Nebraska.


You can send me a video of your jump shot and I will evaluate it, give you pointers and drills you can implement to get better. For that just scroll down to the contact info at the bottom and send me a message.


Cost: $10



- 60 Minutes of Live Coaching Weekly

- Weekly Shooting Homework

- Shooting E-Book PDF

- Academy T-Shirt

Cost: $150 per month

LOCAL: Shooting workouts take place at Nebraska Wesleyan or Belmont Rec Center in Lincoln, NE on a day that works for you.

I do not go to YMCA due to too many kids in the way.

If you're not local we will use online video calling.

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