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Q- How long does the workout take?

A- The faster you make the shots the less time it will take. Could take some players 90 minutes and others 3 hours. It depends on you. It gets faster with time the more you do it cause you only count makes.

Q- How long will the plan last me?

A- It will last about 2 to 4 months before you would need a new program.

Q- Is it a live workout or just a written program?

A- It is a step by step written walkthrough that comes as a PDF file that you can download and keep forever once you purchase it. 

Q- Would this be good to get if I'm a beginner?

A- I wouldn't recommend this for a total beginner ; if you still have poor form & movement technique I would recommend watching my Shooting 101 video on Youtube and being taught by someone in person.

Q- Can you guarantee results?

A- I can't guarantee anything only because I don't know if you will do the work. I know that any player that has done my workouts have seen the best results they've ever had as you can see in the testimonials. You should ask yourself if you're willing to put in the work for 90+ straight days in order the get the results. That's the real question.

Q- What type of player are these programs for?

A- This is for players who want to go from good to great. It's for the focused ones who feel like they are meant to stand out from their peers and just need the guidance on what to do. This is for the players that really have a strong work ethic and want more than to just be a normal hooper. This is not for casuals.

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